Sunday tasting the Winking Owl Wine

Hello Queens, so this week was a long one. I was talking to my senior in college about choices are life changing and long lasting. We let life and the day to day sometimes get in the way of what we may actually want. We let our jobs, kids and others dictate to some degreeContinue reading “Sunday tasting the Winking Owl Wine”

New Year 2022

Hello Queens : First and foremost I want to Thank God for bringing me through another year. With the pandemic Covid-19 their are so many uncertainties. Being in healthcare professional I have seen death, sickness and heartbreak. This year I would like everyone to focus on loving harder, making your interactions intentional, making sure whenContinue reading “New Year 2022”

My Thoughts 11/27/2020

Hello my beautiful people. Today was a learning point for me. I learned that me bing a direct person is perceived as emotional and confrontational along with being impolite. Perception is everything right; people already size you up or make up assumption about who you are and how they will treat you based on thatContinue reading “My Thoughts 11/27/2020”