What is going through my head?

Well, good afternoon beautiful people. So, today I am on count down I was blessed enough to accept a new position and people always want to hold you back. You have to be careful who you let in or be mindful of your interactions with people. Some people do have the crabs in a barrel mentality. Unfortunately, I am experiencing this within my race. The ones you think are there to elevate you or assist you they are the same ones who talk about you behind your back and smile in your face while all the while they HATING on you. People truly want what they can’t have or find a reason just to talk about you as if they have nothing better to do. If people are not adding to you and you have not added to them it’s not worth the energy. If you can’t be or say anything positive you should just be silent. ONLY GOOD VIBES over here, can not and will not waste time and energy on people, or things that don’t bring value or positivity. So to my Haters, backstabbers, negative, secret individuals well you know GO F@#% YOURSELVES AND GET A NEW ATTITUDE. As I will always and continue to say you only have one life to live, make it count.

Peace and Blessings to you !


New year food for thought.

Well hello, Beautiful people. Happy New year I hope everyone is well and holding on during this pandemic. I wanted to share a few things on my mind today. One would think that we as a people have elevated and turned over a new leaf. If that is true why are we still stuck on the idea of materialist things that don’t mean anything or social status? Some people would assume because you have a nice car, clothes that you have money when you may be struggling to pay that car note, and bargain shopping just to keep up. Well, I think I am at the point in my life where I won’t let social status control my happiness. Everyone was not meant to wear Hermes you may have to settle for the Marshalls Michael Kors or the TJ Max Polo. I am learning that happiness comes from within and being okay with who you are, being grateful for what you currently have, and being the best individual you can be. Like I tell my daughter you are a queen, you are not defined by what you see on TV, or social media, you come from royalty and you have a purpose. There is no one in this world like you, so, I constantly ask her the question what mark will you leave behind. So what about You?


My Thoughts 11/27/2020

Hello my beautiful people. Today was a learning point for me. I learned that me bing a direct person is perceived as emotional and confrontational along with being impolite. Perception is everything right; people already size you up or make up assumption about who you are and how they will treat you based on that word PERCEPTION. Which is a noun which means, the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses: Even more so with social media being our sole source. I am always working on myself to improve and or even reinvent myself. Being just average isn’t me, I want to be extraordinary. So, how do I do that in todays world. That is the question of the day. Do I cater to what others think about me or do I stay true to what I think and feel and my own ideals or do I conform to get ahead. Being a black woman into todays world is hard. Like Tupac said, “keep your head up” .. Just some thoughts in my head. .. Peace and blessings beautiful people.

Work flow today,

People are so selfish and all they think about is themselves. Here i go paying for lunch for grown ass people that don’t even particularly like me but because i felt like giving i did and did not get a thank you. What i learned today is, if you are going to be nice do it without expecting NOTHING in return, other wise you will always be mad due to selfish ASS people. Lord help me, still working on my scripture; Ephesians 4:26. Work with me people.

How you doing?

Today is March 25, 2020 and the world is all over the place. I need to get my entire life together. You know how you have all the plans in the world and you mean well, but as soon as you get home and you take your clothes off and you pour a glass of wine it all goes out the window. Then you start getting text messages from people you really not trying to talk to waiting for the one person you do want to talk to. However, before you respond to any of the messages he does call and I do not answer. Don’t want to seem to available, so I just masturbate first to get the edge off and then take a shot, and now I am ready to talk to Mister man. These are Chronicles of my single life with no kids. Oh, how I miss that freedom right there don’t get me wrong being a wife and mother are great but ladies before I was any of those things I, she , who was a woman first. Good night ladies think about that for a few, I will be back soon!