It has been two years since my last post. I pray you and your families are safe and sound. As for me during the pandemic I did learn that priorities are important, and that we take small things like water, cleaning surprise for granted because we think they will always be there. Boy, we were wrong. We held tight on tissue., sanitizer wipes, any type of disinfectant. We got on each others nerves and learned a new virtual way to do business and conduct school on a daily bases. Some kids found out how dumb their parents actual were, while everyone went to school and work half dresses with pajamas on the bottom. None the less, Thank you JESUS for keeping us safe and bringing us through. Until next time thanks for reading.


Published by LC realistic thoughts in mind

I am a 36 year old mother of an amazing daughter. Lets just say I am very out spoken, BOSS, fun and I will always have you laughing and smile saying " girl you are so crazy" I am loyal and have been through things for several lifetime moves. So buckle up and hang on ladies as you enter into my World.

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