New Year 2022

Hello Queens : First and foremost I want to Thank God for bringing me through another year. With the pandemic Covid-19 their are so many uncertainties. Being in healthcare professional I have seen death, sickness and heartbreak. This year I would like everyone to focus on loving harder, making your interactions intentional, making sure when we speak as women its positive and uplifting. There is power in the tongue and we shouldn’t take that for granted. I also, want us to put more things in action and not just think we have time. Time is one commodity we can’t pay for or get back, so make your time count. I am back Queen and plan on putting something in here at least once a week , to bring you all into my world. If you don’t know me, you soon will and if you do well, stay tuned. As always I am sending love and light ,stay safe Queens.

Published by LC realistic thoughts in mind

I am a 36 year old mother of an amazing daughter. Lets just say I am very out spoken, BOSS, fun and I will always have you laughing and smile saying " girl you are so crazy" I am loyal and have been through things for several lifetime moves. So buckle up and hang on ladies as you enter into my World.

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