New year food for thought.

Well hello, Beautiful people. Happy New year I hope everyone is well and holding on during this pandemic. I wanted to share a few things on my mind today. One would think that we as a people have elevated and turned over a new leaf. If that is true why are we still stuck on the idea of materialist things that don’t mean anything or social status? Some people would assume because you have a nice car, clothes that you have money when you may be struggling to pay that car note, and bargain shopping just to keep up. Well, I think I am at the point in my life where I won’t let social status control my happiness. Everyone was not meant to wear Hermes you may have to settle for the Marshalls Michael Kors or the TJ Max Polo. I am learning that happiness comes from within and being okay with who you are, being grateful for what you currently have, and being the best individual you can be. Like I tell my daughter you are a queen, you are not defined by what you see on TV, or social media, you come from royalty and you have a purpose. There is no one in this world like you, so, I constantly ask her the question what mark will you leave behind. So what about You?


Published by LC realistic thoughts in mind

I am a 36 year old mother of an amazing daughter. Lets just say I am very out spoken, BOSS, fun and I will always have you laughing and smile saying " girl you are so crazy" I am loyal and have been through things for several lifetime moves. So buckle up and hang on ladies as you enter into my World.

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