How you doing?

Today is March 25, 2020 and the world is all over the place. I need to get my entire life together. You know how you have all the plans in the world and you mean well, but as soon as you get home and you take your clothes off and you pour a glass of wine it all goes out the window. Then you start getting text messages from people you really not trying to talk to waiting for the one person you do want to talk to. However, before you respond to any of the messages he does call and I do not answer. Don’t want to seem to available, so I just masturbate first to get the edge off and then take a shot, and now I am ready to talk to Mister man. These are Chronicles of my single life with no kids. Oh, how I miss that freedom right there don’t get me wrong being a wife and mother are great but ladies before I was any of those things I, she , who was a woman first. Good night ladies think about that for a few, I will be back soon!

Published by LC realistic thoughts in mind

I am a 36 year old mother of an amazing daughter. Lets just say I am very out spoken, BOSS, fun and I will always have you laughing and smile saying " girl you are so crazy" I am loyal and have been through things for several lifetime moves. So buckle up and hang on ladies as you enter into my World.

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